Become a Tehaleh Trail Naturalist!

Does your little one have a love for adventure and the natural world? Well why not help them become a Tehaleh Trail Naturalist!

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Spring is upon us and summer is soon to follow. The plants along our community trails are starting to green out and bloom. It is time to go out and explore the many wonders along these trails. The community of Tehaleh wants to invite you to become a Tehaleh Trail Naturalist. What is a Naturalist you say? It is just an “Observer of Nature”. So everyone is fully equipped to carry out the job.
To aid you in your exploration a Naturalist Challenge has been created!
Starting May 1st painted rocks will be hidden with special icons on them for you to find.
Each icon represents a different booklet that has nature information or worksheets, word searches, and pictures to color. When you find one of the stones turn it in at The Post and receive the booklet associated with that icon. Once returned, the stones will be placed back in their original location for others to find, so please turn them in! Enjoy the information given and then search for more stones!
There are five different icons:
·       Banana Slug
·       Mushroom
·       Tree
·       Canoe
·       Washington State
John Muir said: “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world”. So go and explore the many worlds of Tehaleh.
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Saltwater State Park: First Day Hike

Want to kick off the new year on a healthier foot? Join Saltwater State Park in the First Day Hike! Walk the trails and discover plant and wildlife! Or walk the beach and take in the natural beauty! Make sure to bundle up!

“Hike a mile through history at Saltwater State Park: Explore the legacy and influence of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) –
a service program started in 1933 during the Great Depression to conserve natural resources and provide employment for young out-of-work men.
The CCC built much of the park. Traverse down to the beach area for a more in-depth glimpse into the CCC’s history.
And learn the role Saltwater State Park played in forging a friendship between the rival cities of Seattle and Tacoma. 
Open House Tour of the CCC Cabin will be from 10 – noon.”

When: 10 a.m. (Nature walk) Guided tour of the native plant interpretive nature trail (0.3 miles)
followed by 12 p.m. (Explore the Beach) a longer walk on the loop trail (1.5miles)
Where: Meet at the CCC Interpretive Center Log Cabin for nature walk and the beach for explore the beach
Gear: Dress For the Weather! Warm clothes, sturdy footwear
Difficulty: Interpretive nature trailEasy
Loop trail – Moderate
Pets? Yes (on leash)
Cancellation Info: (253) 661-4955

No Discover Pass needed for this event

For more details visit